Does Tea Really Make You Lose Weight?

Those looking for ways to shed pounds and fat will try just about anything to get it done. Freshly steeped tea can help in that department, but there should be a few asterisks. Here are some of the main factors:


  1. Type of tea

From white to black and everything in-between, the types of tea available vary quite significantly. One of the most important issues when choosing a tea is the amount of antioxidants the tea contains. Antioxidants help to slow down the damage caused by oxygen. When product availability is factored in (hard to find white tea), green tea has the highest content of antioxidants, so it’s the best option in terms of weight-loss. The second-best option is black tea.


  1. Quality of tea

As with other products, you basically get what you pay for when buying teabags or brewed tea. It’s critical to always choose high quality tea, to ensure that you maximize the amount of antioxidants found in them. That’s one thing. Another issue is that the manufacturing process of cheap tea can even cause potential health hazards, as there’s a greater chance that the tea could contain contaminants such as bacteria.


  1. Freshness of tea

Steeping your own high-quality green tea is different than buying prepackaged tea. Even though certain bottled tea brands are less unhealthy than other brands, bottled tea will never be as healthy as fresh tea. Whether it’s hot green tea or cold iced tea, fresh is always best. If you absolutely want to have bottled tea while you’re on the run, it’s important to pay extra for good quality tea, and always look for organic tea that doesn’t contain any artificial colors/flavors/preservatives.


  1. Sugar content of tea

White sugar is one of the unhealthiest ingredients you can add to tea, mostly because it’s a processed grain, rather than a whole grain. Also, sugar turns into fat after it’s consumed. Better options in terms of sweeteners are sugar cane syrup and honey. If you’re on a diet and buy commercial teas, it’s important that the tea have 20 mg of sugar or less per serving. Ideally 0 mg would be best in terms of weight-loss and health.


  1. Overall function of tea

There’s no single miracle food or exercise that can result in weight-loss. It’s true that certain types of tea can help to increase one’s metabolism and promote weight loss. But healthy tea drinking could be combined with a healthy/balanced diet, and regular weight resistance/cardio exercising. When included in a generally healthy lifestyle, fresh tea can certainly help to result in the shedding of fat and pounds. But it’s only part of it.


Quality, fresh tea, whether it’s hot or cold, can certainly help to increase one’s metabolism and help to encourage weight loss. However, choosing tea that’s low-quality, loaded with sugar or manmade chemicals, or of the black/oolong variety simply won’t have the same effect as fresh green tea. So when choosing tea as part of your weight-loss program, make sure that you choose wisely. Otherwise, the results will be disappointing.


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