10 Quick Tips – How to make a great latte

Latte or “café latte” is a coffee that is made with espresso and steamed milk. Café Lattes are one of the most popular choices for coffee drinker and are actually pretty expensive when you buy it in any coffee shops. If you really love to drink latte but are hesitant because it is quite costly, you can make it at home especially if you have an espresso machine, but lattes can also be made at home even without an espresso machine.


To do a good latte, you can simply follow these simple steps:


  1. Espresso is the most important ingredient for latte, but make sure that the espresso shot is just right. Use 2 tablespoon of ground coffee that are recently made for every shot of espresso.
  2. Grind the espresso beans in a burr grinder so that you can easily control how fine or course the espresso ground will be.
  3. It is also very important that fresh beans and purified water are used for a much better tastes.
  4. Pour the milk into a cup or better yet chill the cup first before steaming the milk as it will allow a longer period of steaming without even scorching.
  5. You can add different milk for you latte. Nonfat milk is easy to make foam but it will not taste as good as milk with more fats while full fat milk may be difficult to make foam but it makes a tastier latte because of its high fat.
  6. When steaming the milk make sure that you are doing it correctly. Make sure that you have the right temperature in steaming the milk to create soft, clear and smooth foam that no bubbles will be seen in the milk. Be careful that it is not overheat as it will also change the tastes of the milk.

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7. You can have the best foam if your milk is fresh and cold. Then, insert the steam wand into the milk just resting below the surface to create a froth which is needed for a good latte. You can hear the foam being made but there should be no bubbles that will appear. You need also to allow an air to get into the mix with the steam.

8. After you have the foam, the next thing to do is to make sure that air inside the cup will mix with milk to split the large bubbles into smaller bubbles to have foamy milk.

9. Then, start the espresso shots running in portafilter. Do not brew the espresso too long for it might make the tastes bitter.

10. Pull the espresso shot directly into a warm cup. Do not wait for a seconds before adding the steamed milk for it might lose it creaminess. Make sure that when adding the milk no foam will enter the drink until it is an inch near the rim of the cup. Now you can have a good latte, if you want you can make a latte art to add a little creativity in your coffee.




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